Practitioner Resources

For a complete overview of the Practitioner Council, please refer to the Centers for Spiritual Living Policies and Procedures Manual – Section 5.4

The Purpose

To serve all CSL practitioners and to be the vehicle through which practitioners can serve their organization and each other.

To actively seek ways and opportunities to lift, acknowledge, connect and empower Practitioners and to nurture and deepen their personal and professional effectiveness as representatives of Centers for Spiritual Living.

To facilitate and support harmonious and meaningful partnerships between Practitioners and Ministers.

To serve as a resource on councils (such as the Education Council, Events Council, Department of Licensing and Credentials, Communication Council and the World Ministry of Prayer) and teams as designated by the Leadership Council in matters pertaining to Practitioners, including policies and procedures, education and professional standards.

Our Guiding Principle
We are committed to embody the consciousness of wholeness and oneness through daily spiritual practices so as to be the place where the Centers for Spiritual Living Global Vision is revealed and demonstrated. The cornerstone of our work is prayer. We align ourselves with our Organization’s vision, culture, shared values, guiding practices and processes while acknowledging Spirit as our ultimate guiding principle. The Council’s ongoing work is to establish the Practitioner voice and visibility and to hold a leadership presence within the Organization and in the world.

The Scope of Work

To work collaboratively with the Regional Practitioner Representatives and the Support Coordinators throughout the 13 regions.

To develop workshops, retreats, and other community events that enhance Practitioners’ development.

The Leadership Structure
Council members are elected at the Centers of Spiritual Living annual February convention. The traditional office titles consist of a Chair, Vice-chair, Secretary, and Financial Liaison; however, the Council functions on the basis of shared governance, and work responsibilities are delineated based on the particular project rather than the office title.

The PLC is funded with 15% of the practitioner relicensing fees

Charlie Sheppard, RScP Chair of the Practitioner Council

828-712-9229 Charlie Sheppard