Practitioner Council Members


As a Practitioner Council member, Linda anchors a powerful Vision for supporting Practitioners throughout the world as highly visible, powerful agents of change, causing personal transformation and global shift through consciousness to create a world that works for everyone.

CharlieSheppard_smallCharlie Sheppard – Chair 
Cell: 828-712-9229
Center: Center for Spiritual Living Asheville

Charlie has been a very active member of CSL – Asheville since 2006 & became a Religious Science Practitioner in 2009. He has served as V.P. of the Asheville Board of Trustees for 6 years. Charlie has a strong feeling that all Practitioners should have Practitioner Ministries. His Ministries are: (1) Instructor of Public Speaking & Leadership Courses. (2) Helps teach several SOM accredited classes. (3) Started a thriving Men’s Group. (4) Has been the Region 10 Practitioner Representative for 6 years. (5) Attends countless Local, Regional, and National Gatherings. He loves the Science of Mind philosophy and has read all of the Ernest Holmes biographies.

In his spare time Charlie is an avid organic gardener (especially his raspberries, blackberries, & strawberries.) He also is a skilled Native American Flute maker. His lovely wife is Marina Raye, a very talented and successful native flute recording artist. They live in an energy efficient, off-the-grid home in the mountains of Western North Carolina. Life is quiet and peaceful at the end of their secluded road.

Charlie earned a B.S. and an MBA from Oklahoma State. He has worked for Ralston Purina Co. and J. I. Case Construction Co. in finance. He worked for 20 years as a Dale Carnegie Course Instructor. He was the Area Manager for all of Southern Colorado. His education and business experience helped in his development of his skills in leadership, decision-making, delegation, planning, budgeting and personnel management. His association with CSL has broadened his appreciation and utilization of Love, Compassion, Intuition, Non-Judgment, Oneness and Clarity.

Charlie received the Practitioner’s Meritorious Award at the 2016 Convention in Salt Lake City.

As a Practitioner Council member he will serve our Practitioner Community with Love, Joy, Creativity, & Boundless Energy.

Barbara J. Gilfillan – Vice-Chair
Cell: 401-486-9650
Center: Cape Coral for Spiritual Living

Barbara has practiced the principles of Science of Mind since 2007 and was licensed by CSL as a Practitioner in 2011. She was elected to the CSL Practitioner Council in 2016 where she now serves as the Vice-Chair. Currently she is the Liaison to the Ministerial and Practitioner Licensing Committee and the Spiritual MatchMaker of the CSL Practitioner PrayerMatch Program

Before being elected to the Council, she served as the CSL Region 11 (Northeast) Practitioner Representative where she held monthly teleconferences to open up communication with the field Practitioners. She also served as a mentor to Practitioner Students.

In January of 2017, Barbara moved to North Fort Myers Florida and became a member of the Cape Coral Center for Spiritual Living. She is currently recreating her life and providing sacred service in this Center.

Barbara was a member of Concordia CSL in Rhode Island where she served on the Leadership Council, as a Ministry Leader, as the Chair of the Nomination Council and the Coordinator of the Practitioner Core. Barbara also taught certified classes at Concordia.

Also in Rhode Island, by utilizing the SOM Principles, she facilitated many study groups, meditation groups and trained meditation instructor. She is a full time Practitioner who helps students empower themselves and to create a rewarding life experience.

Barbara embraces, models and promotes the CSL motto, “change your thinking, change your life.”


Ninoska Duenas – Financial LiaisonNinoska Duenas – Financial Liaison
Cell: 818.618.3562
Center: Founder’s Church of Religious Science- a CSL

The words “Change your thinking, change your Life” were my first encounter with the teachings of Science of Mind. After what I call a life changing experience, I decided to take Science of Mind classes at Founder’s Church; consequently, I became a licensed practitioner in the year 2000.

My commitment as a practitioner has been to share the principles of Science of Mind and reach out to the community in Los Angeles, California. I have done this primarily by teaching SOM accredited classes and Practitioners Studies program for Spanish Speaking students at Founder’s.

My involvement as the Region 13, Latin America Practitioner Representative, has also provided me with the opportunity to be of service and connect with practitioners from various Centers for Spiritual Living outside the United States since 2013.

My experience as a Regional Practitioner Representative allows me to understand the needs of practitioners, both locally and internationally. It is my passion to teach and to fully embrace this philosophy which has deeply impacted my life and others around me. Additionally, my work as an educator and counselor has made it possible for me to help parents and youth from different socio-economic backgrounds.

Finally, I believe that it is important to recognize all Centers for Spiritual Living as a whole, and by that I mean, that we are One. That is why I consider it vital to expand my consciousness and voluntary commitment beyond my local center.

My vision is to serve with passion, with gratitude and dedication to our community of practitioners; to help expand the teachings of Science of Mind; to assist in the communication process and to support the development of practitioners throughout the organization at the national and international level.

Kris Ferraro, RScP – Secretary
Cell: 973-568-0567

Kris Ferraro has been on a spiritual journey since she was a young child. At age 27, she discovered New Thought through a book she had been given by Catherine Ponder. She finally had a direct experience of God, which she had only felt in glimpses before. In the past 20 years, she has healed from numerous debilitating behaviors, fears and experiences and she continually works on her own healing/revealing of Truth. For the past 15 years, she has been a member of CSL – North Jersey, attending the first day it opened. She was the first practitioner student to become an intern and to later teach SOM classes. She has been licensed as a Practitioner for 9 years. Career-wise, after 15 years of working as a counselor in a non-profit organization, Kris transitioned into employment with a self-help company. Within two years, Kris became fully self-employed as a Coach, helping people transform their emotions and their lives. Kris speaks at healing conferences and teaches spiritual workshops in both the US and Europe. Affirmative prayer has been integrated into every aspect of her personal and professional life, where she prays several times a week with not only SOM folks but people of other faiths as well. Prayer is the start and finish of every session, group and class she leads, demonstrating her commitment and faith to others. Her Mission Statement is for others to experience God’s love for them in her presence and that informs how she serves with passion.

Kimberly Burgner Practitioner Council Member
Cell: 479-595-9385


When being introduced to CSL and SOM in 2006 all areas of her life were profoundly changed. She has come to the full realization of what a privilege it is to be a Practitioner and what a great honor it is to live from her belief and faith, and to be of service and support others to do the same. Kim is Grandmother to Brianne, and Mother to Heather and Kendall. She is happily married to her best friend and husband Curt and lives on Beaver Lake, Arkansas and enjoys being in outdoors and in nature fishing, swimming and camping. Kim is a yes for Spirit and a Yes for CSL. Kim is Founder of Northwest Arkansas Center for Spiritual Living Teaching Chapter, which was established in 2009. The Teaching Chapter is a thriving CSL location in Northwest Arkansas and is the only CSL location in the state of Arkansas. In Janury of 2016 Kim has chosen to step away from the teaching chapter and this legacy has been passed onto a new director, Spiritual Practitioner, Cheryl Bell.

Kim brings to the Practitioner Council a vision of sacred listening, vulnerability, focus to the vision and mission and purpose and to create from playful creativeness and fun. She also brings 7 plus years of Marketing and Social Media experience, which creates an opportunity to communicate from the purpose, reveal the message and articulate it through various means of media and formats to serve, support, expand, connect and grow the Practitioner community.

All Practitioners are fully supported by their communities, through prayer partnership, progressive, dynamic, and evolutionary education. Each Practitioner fully realizes their highest potential and expresses their greatness within their communities and professional practices while positively impacting the lives of others and expanding CSL and SOM in the world.

Deb_HaassDeb HaassDeb Haass
Phone: 530-563-6445
Center: Center for Spiritual Living Prescott, AZ

Deb Haass enjoys teaching classes & workshops at her center. She has served as community vision core leader, practitioner retreat coordinator, and as ministerial presence when her minister is away. Currently, Deb coordinates the planning and development of her center’s educational program.

Since 2008 while at Foothill Center for Spiritual Living in Auburn, CA, Deb has demonstrated a gift team leadership and for orchestrating environments that are transformational whether they be musical concerts, leadership trainings, empowerment workshops, spiritual living classes, or practitioner retreats. In 2012, after licensing as a practitioner, Deb completed an Advanced Practitioner Training and Board Certified Life Coaches training through Guiding Mindful Change, an organization founded by Practitioner Emeritus, Billie Frances in San Diego, CA. in 2013, Deb moved with her husband, Jon, also a licensed practitioner to Prescott, AZ.

Deb’s practitioner ministry includes traveling to speak, facilitate retreats & leadership trainings, as well as, sharing a variety of relationship, wellness, and prosperity workshops she has developed. Deb supports her individual and small group coaching clients to live more fully at their own thriving potential. Deb carries a degree in Communications Studies from California State University at Northridge. Her continued professional training includes Real Love, Non-Violent Communication, Radical Forgiveness, Alternatives to Violence Project, and Darkness to Light’s Stewards of Children training. As a former victim of violent crime, Deb’s work is centered in the practices of courage, compassion, forgiveness, and inclusivity.

As a coordinator for Academic Year in America, a program which matches foreign exchange high schools students from 40 countries with American host families, Deb empowers interfaith and intercultural exchange. She also supports youth by volunteering once a month for a program called RESTORE which is sponsored by Prescott Area Restorative Initiative (PARI) who facilitate monthly restorative circles for juvenile shoplifting offenders, their parents, law enforcement, & local merchants.

Deb served three years as a Regional Practitioner Representative (PR), supporting nearly 300 licensed practitioners in Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada, Idaho, and Utah. In this capacity, Deb hosted quarterly practitioner teleconference calls and joined panel interviews for new PR applicants. She used technology to stream-line her work as a PR by developing a website for her region, establishing a quarterly newsletter, and successfully connected with people in her region by traveling and using social media.

As a servant leader, Deb brings her ability to communicate and act from vision, as well as, her willingness to think outside the box. Deb has developed a seven principled approach for her self-care as a leader and shares this model of shared leadership with communities and organizations. She is committed to appreciative inquiry and an inclusive approach to conflict as part of the creative process. Deb continues to work through her growing edge by working with a mentor and ongoingly engaging in a variety of spiritual practices.