Global Theme

2017: Values-Based Spiritual Living

“We stand together in a shared commitment and devotion to our spiritual principles, practices, and values.”

January Spiritual Living: As we learn and practice our philosophy, the Science of Mind, we live principle-centered, Spirit-led lives and turn to our principles for guidance in all moments and all areas of our lives.



February: Spiritual Living as Diversity and Inclusivity

February Spiritual Living as Diversity and Inclusivity: We value, embrace and celebrate the individual uniqueness and contribution of all people as they express through differences of gender, ethnicity, culture, history, experience, talents and sexual orientation. We include representatives from all our organizational constituencies in leadership, sacred service, and decision-making.



March: Spiritual Living Through Education and Continuous Improvement

March Spiritual Living through Education and Continuous Improvement: We walk a path of awakening, growth, and spiritual deepening through classes, workshops, seminars and spiritual practices that allow us to embrace education as a lifelong endeavor. We consistently welcome more and more of the Divine Nature to be realized within us and revealed through our relationships, our decisions and our contributions to the world.



April: Spritual Living Through Transformation and Evolution

April Spiritual Living through Transformation and Evolution: We do deep inner personal work of self-discovery and healing to reveal the greater truth of our divinity, wholeness, and freedom.

May Spiritual Living through Creativity:  We allow the ongoing activity of Spirit into our hearts, minds and activities to bring forth new forms and expressions to inspire and guide.


June: Accountability

June Accountability: We account for our activities, disclose them in a transparent manner and accept responsibility for our actions and the obligations entrusted to us.



July: Communication

July Open Communication:   We communicate openly with each other in an atmosphere of collaboration and inclusion.




August: Spiritual Living Through Love, Compassion and Caring

August Love, Compassion, and Caring:  We embrace Love as the Self-Givingness of God to all creation, moving through us into expression as compassion, caring, mutual respect and kindness.  We express interest in and support for the well-being of ourselves and others. We express unconditional love when observing the suffering of others and do what we can to give aid and show compassion.



September: Spiritual Living Through Community Service

September Love as Community Service: We dedicate our time, talent, treasure and expertise to the healthy and joyful evolution of our spiritual community, the community in which we live and the greater community of the world.




October: Spiritual Living Through Love As Safety

October Love as [Freedom and] Safety: We create a community-wide climate conducive to honest reflection and deep and direct communication.




November: Financial Health and Prosperity

November: Financial Health and Prosperity: We express order and balance in our finances and experience optimal financial well-being. Through the richness of our teaching and its application, we value the principle of abundance and its expression as
prosperity as a means to provide resources to empower our personal and collective vision.



December Integrity:  We embrace the quality of being honest and strive to let our inner convictions match our outer actions.  We express wholeness, honesty, and fairness in our relationships and activities.