2019 Global Themes & Resources

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2019 Global Theme: Spirituality In Action Google Driver Shared Folder 

CSL Cultural Integrity & Evolution Committee – Themes for 2019

2019 Theme: “Spirituality in Action”

Based on The 10 Prophetic Justice Principles Developed by Rev. James A. Forbes
Source: A Theology for the Social Gospel, edited by Walter Roshenbusch (generally not available) – this blog post has info: http://socialgospel.blogspot.com/2004/09/prophetic-justice-principles.html

January 2019:

Learn and Embody Science of Mind Principles – Dr. Maxine Kaye
1) Book: The Science of Mind

2) Quote: “The practice of Science of Mind calls for a positive understanding of the Spirit of Truth; a willingness to let this inner Spirit guide us, with the conscious knowledge that “The law of the Lord is perfect.” ~ ErnestHolmes, Science of Mind, p. 55

Week 1: Jan 6 – The Thing Itself – Maxine Kaye – Dr.MaxineKaye@gmail.com
Week 2: Jan 13 – The Way It Works – Valerie Reeves – revreeves.valerie@gmail.com                                                  Week 3:  Jan 20 – What It Does – Glenda Davis – gjgdavis@gmail.com
Week 4: Jan 27 – How To Use It – Jim Lockard – drjim-lockard@att.net

February 2019:

Seek the Common Good – Oneness – Rev. CC Coltrain
1) Book: Beyond Religion: Ethics for a Whole World, by H.H. Dalai Lama
2) Quote: “The first principle is the recognition of our shared humanity and our shared aspiration to happiness and the avoidance of suffering; the second is the understanding of interdependence as a key feature of human reality, including our biological reality as social animals. From these two principles we can learn to appreciate the inextricable connection between our own well-being and that of others, and we can develop a genuine concern for others’ welfare.”                                                                                                                3) Holmes Quote: “I know that every apparent death is a resurrection. Therefore, gladly, I die to everything that is unlike the good. Joyfully I am resurrected into that which is beautiful, enduring and true. Silently I pass from less to more, isolation into inclusion, separation into oneness.” ~ Ernest Holmes

Week #1: Feb 3 – Oneness – CC Coltrain – revcc@cslgd.org
Week #2 Feb 10 – Recognition of Our Shared Humanity – Ann Ahokangas – ann@successu.org
Week#3 Feb 17 – Understanding Our Interdependence – Johanna Janssen -spiritualleader@grahamcsl.org Week#4 Feb 24 – What is the Common Good? – Lynne Heygster – lynneheygster7@gmail.com

March 2019

Be Truthful in Facts and Motives – Integrity – Dr. Candice Becket                                                                                    1) Book: The Inward Journey, by Dr. Howard Thurman                                                                                                            2) Quote: “In the quietness of this place, surrounded by the all-pervading Presence of God, my heart whispers: Keep fresh before me the moments of my High Resolve, that in fair weather or in foul, in good times or in tempests, in the days when the darkness and the foe are nameless or familiar, I may not forget that to which my life is committed. Keep fresh before me the moments of my high resolve.”

3) Holmes Quote: “Many people may be under the mistaken concept that the metaphysical philosophy is attractive to people because it says God is Good and everything is all right; therefore, there is nothing to fear. This is far from the truth. What it says is this: Do you wish to be loved? Then stop hating. Do you want to be happy? Then be sure that you are never the occasion for unhappiness in others” ~ Ernest Holmes

Week#1 March 3 – Integrity – Trish Hall – revtrish.cslmetro@gmail.com                                                      Week#2 March 10 – How God Works Through Us – John Moreland – johnjmoreland@gmail.com            Week#3 March 17 – Living A Spiritual Life – Molly Cameron – revmolly@spirituallivingcolumbus.org Week#4 March 24 – Our Highest Values – Eunice Chalfant – reveunice@gmail.com                                Week#5 March 31 – Developing Our Inner Life – Susan Overland – susanoverland@sanjosecenter.org

April 2019

Promote Diversity and Inclusion – Diversity – Rev. Karen Weldes Fry                                                                             1) Book: Stained Glass Spirit: Becoming a Spiritual Community Where Oneness Does Not Require Sameness, By Tracy Brown                                                                                                                                                                  2) Quote: “Ignoring the beauty and value and uniqueness of different types of people is equivalent to ignoring God and refusing to see all the ways God shows up as humanity. We don’t do that with dogs, or flowers … or trees or clouds or spices or nature or art … so why would we do it with humans?”                            3) Holmes Quote: “Man’s three greatest needs are to feel that he is needed, wanted and loved – to feel that he belongs to the Universe in which he lives, and to have an object or objects upon which to shower his affection.”~ Ernest Holmes

Week#1 April 7 – Diversity – Karen Weldes Fry – RevKaren@CSLDallas.org                                                  Week#2 April 14–UniquebutDifferent–SunshineDaye-sunshine@sunshinedaye.com                                Week#3 April 21 – EASTER SUNDAY – Christian Sorenson – csorensen@seasidecenter.org                      Week#4 April 28 – Inclusion – Beyond “Otherness” – Michelle Synegal, CSL Diversity Council – revmichelesynegal@gmail.com

May 2019

1) Care For The Poor – Compassion Rev. Patrick Cameron                                                                                                        2) Book The I of the Storm, by Gary Simmons                                                                                                                              1) Quote: “How would your life be if you lived as if ‘Nothing and no one can be against me’?                                2) “Holmes Quote: “You are using the Law of Life every time you think. No matter how long you may have been using It wrongly in your ignorance, the very day, that hour, yes the very moment, you begin to use this Power rightly, the effects of having used It wrongly will pass from your experience.” ~ Ernest Holmes, The Art of Life

Week#1 May5–Compassion–PatrickCameron–Pcameron@centreforspirit.com                                        Week#2 May 12 – Cause and Effect – David Robinson – revdavid13@gmail.com                                            Week#3 May19–WhoAre“ThePoor?”–DianeDecker–revdianedecker@gmail.com                                      Week#4 May 26 – Inner Peace – Barbara Leger – bap3@sonic.net

June 2019

Protect the Vulnerable – Empowerment – Dr. David Ault                                                                                                      1) Book – A New Republic Of The Heart by Terry Patten                                                                                                2)Quote – “Ultimate empowerment is fueling and strengthening another’s ability to trust in an ever existingIntelligence. The distinction between constantly seeking and solidly recognizing (trusting) is the distinction between presuming something is lacking, thus working at getting something, to an engaged practice of reenacting wholeness in our entire affairs.”                                                                                         3)Holmes Quote: “If day by day we have a greater understanding and a clearer concept, if daily we are realizing more of Truth and applying It in our actions, then we are on the right path and eventually shall be made free.” ~ Ernest Holmes

Week#1 June2–Empowerment–DavidAult–RevDavidAult@gmail.com                                                              Week#2 June 9 – Translating Heartbreak into Action – Soni Cantrel-Smith – ministercantrell@gmail.com                                                                                                                                                    Week#3 June 16 – Creating Meaningful Conversations – Linda Finley – elfin_@yahoo.com                      Week#4 June 23 – Different Worldviews – What to Do? – Carolyn Douglas – caroldoug@comcast.net Week#5 June 30 – Heart-Centered Social Engagement – Jeff Staton – statonj@cox.net

July 2019

Advocate for Freedom of Thought – Creativity – Rev. Staci Hylton                                                                                    1) Book: “The Sun Does Shine,” by Anthony Ray Hinton & Laura Love Hardin                                                            2) Quote: “Despair was a choice. Hatred was a choice. Anger was a choice. I still had choices, and that knowledge rocked me. . .. I could choose to give up or hang on. Hope was a choice. Faith was a choice. And more than anything else, life was a choice. Compassion was a choice.”                                                                         3) Holmes Quote: “Your own choice has decided you.” ~ Ernest Holmes, Beverly Hills Lecture

Week#1 July 7–Creativity–StaciHylton-minister4lvcsl@gmail.com                                                                    Week#2 July 14 – Moving Beyond Our Story – Raymont Anderson – raymontanderson@yahoo.com Week#3 July 21 – Living in Choice – Sandra Smith – sanjasmith53@yahoo.com                                            Week#4 July 28 – Living an Empowered Life – Karen Linsley – karen@karenlinsley.com

August 2019

Respect other Nations and Peoples – Gratitude – Rev. Carolyn Douglas                                                                         1) Book: “The Gentle Art of Blessing” by Pierre Pradervand                                                                                                  2) Quote: “To bless is to acknowledge the omnipresent, universal beauty from material eyes; it is to activate that law of attraction which, from the furtherest reaches of the universe, will bring into your life exactly what you need to experience and enjoy.”                                                                                                                         3) Holmes Quote: “. . . for all tomorrow’s goodMay rest today upon your gratitude, For he who gives thanks before the wine Is pressed from grapes still clinging to the vine Has shown a faith above, beyond the present hour And his thanksgiving holds the future flower.” ~ The Voice Celestial by Ernest and Fenwicke Holmes

Week#1 August 4 – Gratitude – Carolyn Douglas – caroldoug@comcast.net                                                  Week#2 August 11 – Blessings as Gratitude – Steph Armand – saintsteph@gmail.com                                  Week#3 August 18 – Respect as a Virtue – Val Benedict – revladyval@gmail.com                                         Week#4 August 25 – Honoring All People – Jill Brocklehurst – jill@jillbrocklehurst.ca

September 2019

Ensure the Stewardship of Our Planet – Love – Frankie Timmers                                                                                      1) Book: Spiritual Ecology: The Cry of the Earth, by Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee                                                              2) Quote: “We need to reawaken to the power of love in the world. It is our love for the Earth that will heal what we have desecrated, that will guide us through this wasteland and help us bring light back into our darkening world. Love links us all together in the most mysterious ways, and love can guide our hearts and hands. And the central note of love is oneness. Love speaks the language of oneness, of unity rather than separation.”                                                                                                                                                                                                 3) Holmes Quote: “Every day and every hour we are meeting the eternal realities of life, and in such degree as we cooperate with these eternal realities in love, in peace, in wisdom, and in joy—believing and receiving—we are automatically blessed. Our prayer is answered before it is uttered.” ~ Ernest Holmes

Week#1 Sept 1–Love–Frankie Timmers–blissms@earthlink.net                                                                            Week#2 Sept 8 – Love in Action – Toni Niemiec – joyfulrev1@gmail.com                                                            Week#3 Sept 15 – Transcending Fear – Gayle Dillon – revgayle@gmail.com                                                  Week#4 Sept 22 – Community and Connection – Theresa Fieberts – theresa@theresafieberts.co          Week#5 Sept 29 – Healing Our Planet – Raymont Anderson – raymontanderson@yahoo.com

October 2019

Cherish the Human Family – Unity – Rafe Ellis                                                                                                                         1) Book:“The Principle of Oneness”byRussell Anthony Gibbs                                                                                             2) Holmes Quote: “Everything that lives proclaims the Glory of God. Every person who exists manifests the Life ofGod. There is One Spirit in which we live, One Mind by which we think, One Body of which we are a part and One Light that lighteth every man’s pathway.” ~ Ernest S. Holmes, Sermon by the Sea at Asilomar, Saturday, August 15, 1959

Week#1 Oct 6 – Unity – Rafe Ellis – RevRafe@gmail.com                                                                                          Week#2 Oct 13 – The Principle of Oneness – Rhoni Tretsven – revrhonitretsven@gmail.com                  Week#3 Oct 20 – God and the Universe – Bobbi Becker – bobbibecker@b2cstrategies.com                        Week#4 Oct 27 – Seeing Others as One – Jeffrey Ryan – revjeff@riversidecsl.org

November 2019

Spiritually Motivated Moral Leadership – Spirituality – Rev. Martha Quintana                                                         1)  Book: The Tao of Leadership by John Heider                                                                                                                         2) Quote: “The wise leader knows what is happening in a group by being aware of what is happening here and now…By staying present and aware of what is happening, the leader can do less yet achieve more.” P. 93                                                                                                                                                                                                                        3) Holmes Quote: “Developing confidence in ourselves, in our ability to meet and handle all undesirable situations, requires that we must have confidence in that Something which is greater than we are. Then we will have spiritual self-reliance. When this is done the lesser must always submit to the greater.” ~ Ernest Holmes

Week#1 Nov 3–Spirituality–MarthaQuintana–MarthaQ1@comcast.net                                                              Week#2  Nov 10–Self-Mastery–JoanneBoruck-joannefaithb@yahoo.com                                                                    Week#3 Nov 17 – Leading from the Heart – Alice Reid – revareid@gmail.com                                                   Week#4 Nov 24 – Science of Mind and Morality – Gregory Toole – gregory@gregorytoole.com

December 2019

Celebrating Science of Mind Through the Holy Days – Elizabeth Rowley                                                                      1) Book: Thou Art That, by Joseph Campbell                                                                                                                                  2) Quote: “What we have to recognize is that these celestial bodies represented to the ancients two different modes of eternal life, one engaged in the field of time, like throwing off death, as the moon its shadow, to be born again; the other, disengaged and eternal. The dating of Easter according to both lunar and solar calendars suggests that life, like the light that is reborn in the moon and eternal in the sun, finally is one.” ~ Joseph Campbell, Thou Art That                                                                                                                     3) Holmes Quote: “It is not, then, in lavish gifts that we find true giving, but in the sweet simplicity of remembrance, in the kindly thought, the tolerant mind, and the gentle act. Love alone can give love, sympathy alone can sympathize, and only goodness can really do or be good.” ~ Ernest Holmes, 1929

Week#1 Dec 1- Science of Mind and Rohatsu (Dec 8) – Elizabeth Rowley – ElleRowley@gmail.com          Week #2  Dec 8 – Science of Mind and the Solstice (Dec 22) – Angelica Taggart – Revangelica@gmail.com Week#3 Dec 15 – Science of Mind and Hanukkah (Ends 12/30) – Sue Rubin – revsue@verizon.net      Week#4 Dec 22 – Science of Mind and Christmas (Dec. 25) – Liz Chrisostomo – revliz@cslbeaumont.org Week#5 Dec 29 – Science of Mind and Kwanzaa (Dec 26) – Sue Crane – Kahusue@gmail.com